Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Millie's First Day of Preschool 2015 and Other Adventures

To say Millie was excited about preschool would be a TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT!! This girl was born to go to school, socialize and learn! She had her clothes picked out and ready to go the day before at nap time haha
She s going to a Methodist Prechool which is so cute and fun! They really push their students and I LOVE that they still allow God and the Savior to be the center of their teaching...sure she comes home with some interesting songs, prayers and sayings but even if it's different from the way we may do things in our church, ultimately the same goal is reached, Millie knows she's a child of God, recognizes the Savior and what he did for us and wants to love and serve others....we can work out specifics as she gets older ;) 
Such a beauty and of course could not end her photo shoot in a curtsy :) 
Her new princess backpack! 
Millie with her teacher miss Amanda
When Millie is begging to go to her school (everyday) we managed to get a couple zoo days in with friends
Play queen with little brothers haha
Start dance (another thing she is loving and progressing so much) 
And just wants to be older so she can be a sunbeam haha
Show and tell at school is a HUGE deal and she couldn't wait to bring the snack, 
She is growing in her motherly ways and is always trying to be "Millie mom" essentially the boss but this time I was fine with her checking Jordan's bum...just wash your hands!!
Her art show was great and her marble painting title was my fav..."hanging stuff"
Can't forget playing outside in the rain!! One of her favorites!!
And just being outside!! She is a sassy little girl and is full of life and lots of love for everyone around her! Excited to see how she grows this year! 
Love our Millie girl!!

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