Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Braxton Lately

Braxton is one silly kid lately! He is learning lots of new things and is loving to tease his younger siblings. He is having surgery on his ears! But hopefully this time they can figure out why he always has an infection. 
Back when it was warm outside he would strip down and throw his clothes....hey bought that was always pretty funny haha I finally had to let it slide so that I didn't lose my mind every 5 seconds. 
Mr. Had his first official can't-save-anything blowout! He thought it would be funny to remove his clothes at nap time, take his diaper off and play in it! I have never been so dumbfounded ha thankfully Marc was home and all we could do is laugh and gag as we cleaned it all up. The mattress was not salvageable. 
Braxton learned to take selfies on accident with his iPad haha
Still can fall to sleep anywhere when he's tired. 
And LOVES to play outside!! 
He has been the hardest child lately and I think it's mainly because of how frustrated he gets not being able to communicate. He also is starting to realize that he can get a response out of kids and adults when he does something not so nice...hitting, touching toys and all the big brother stuff. If only he could remember from one hour to the next disciplining could be a little easier :/
We sure love this dude!!!

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