Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jordan Lately

What to say about my sweet boy Jordan. He is seriously the sweetest giant and we are so lucky to have him and his cute little personality. He loves to play outside!! He will go play out there with Millie and she takes him on adventures. He is obsessed with balls and is always trying to throw them and shoot them in the hoop. 
He went to his first day of nursery (August 9) and at first he didn't cry but the following weeks and month he cried when we dropped him off. Our saving grace was having two men leaders in there because he loves guys...girls I think he's still trying to figure out why they aren't his mom. Haha
He LOVES shoes and rain boots (even Millie's) are the perfect shoe because he can put them on all by himself! He gets so proud when he has them on and is climbing on everything.
He was very proud of himself when he was able to climb up to the table the first time. It was hard (still can be) because he has lots of weight to pull up. ;) 
Shooting hoops after church one day. He loves it and his dad is proud! 
Jordan is now my lone buddy on Tuesdays and Thursdays since Millie started preschool and boy do we enjoy it. He gets to play and be silly and I get to get errands run without all the kids. Ha it was a weird transition having only one kid with me but we both adjusted and have fun on those mornings.
Post church and no pants. Common attire
When Braxtons at school we play outside and Millie loves to boss Jordan goes over well for the most part...we'll see how long that lasts haha
Jordan's favorite person is daddy...he looks forward to when he gets home and loves to just chill with him. Now that dad has a new truck it's even a bigger bond and Jordan wants to drive in the truck all the time. He says "daddy truck" "big truck" "daddy nice truck" He cries when we have to go in our other car.
I think he is getting ready to be a big brother because he likes to play with dolls and wrap them up and then he throws them haha
Hangin out at the store trying to teach him how to follow. It's hard now that the holiday fun is on every aisle! 
Macky and Jordan got to hang out and they are twins! Jordan slept over for the first time without mom and dad and he was not happy about it. 
Boy started climbing out of his crib so we started sleep training during naps on his mattress...he always ends up on the floor and we have to lock him in. Haha it's starting to work though
When his big boy bed arrived he liked it but did not understand to stay in. It was lots of moving but I think he is finally adjusted (after a month) but is now a 5:45 am early riser!!! Yay for us! I thought that would end after a month but without fail he comes flying out of his room every morning at that time haha
Some of the fun things Jordan is saying:
"Dank do" "elcome" NO...all day long! "Guggets (nuggets)" "owie" "hi mommy hi daddy" "nigh night" "aff ime" "own stairs" "uh huh" (my favorite) "umkin (pumpkin)" "eleton (skeleton)" "anta (Santa)" "noman (snowman)" "snack (one of his favorites)" "old you (hold you)" there are lots more but those are some favorites. 
We just love our J Man!!!

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