Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Braxton's First Day of School 2015

Our Handsome Man Braxton is starting his last year of Pre-K!!! Excited is an understatement for how he felt! He knew he was going somewhere fun when we put that backpack on him. 
Millie was thrilled to get to take him to his first week of school. She kept saying,"Braxton going to school and I get to go too!"
We thought he would be going to the school just down the street from us but they didn't have the program that he needless to say, he would be going to another school that is far away and definitely needs a bus. It's a great school and his teacher adores him. He is one loved boy and he LOVES school! 
I'm in love with this picture of these two!! 
This is his teacher Mrs. Trumbull and she has lots of fun things planned for these special kids. She knows that her job is important and you know she loves it. 
After the first week of school, practically living in our car driving back and forth from school, and me calling day in and day out to get him a bus...he got one!!! Yay!! His excitement for the first day of school was trumped when he saw that big yellow bus pull up in front of the house. 

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Allie said...

Oh I LOVE seeing pics of your cute family! Braxton melts me! He is the cutest! I hope you guys are doing well! XO