Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grandpa James Dean Bogedahl

My Grandpa Bogedahl passed away in August and it was so hard to see him go quickly from a vibrant, healthy, awesome Grandpa just in March to a cancer patient in July.  
My mom would update us often on how he was doing and every time I spoke to her he was always remaining positive, knew families were forever and was able to keep his sense of humor. Just one month after his diagnosis he passed away peacefully with my mom and her siblings by his side. She said it was so special and the spirit was so strong.
After I found out about his passing I was so sad and wanted so badly to be able to make it to his funeral to show my support and love for such a great man. Marc being the amazing husband he is made it happen!! We woke up early Friday morning, drove all day and made it in time for me to be at the viewing! It was so neat to be there and see so many family members I hadn't seen and years and it was even better to get to see all my sibs! 
The next day was the funeral and it was such a spiritual experience. I got to say goodbye to my grandpa one last time and hear all the great stories of his wonderful life of service, kindness, and love. 
For the cemetery we got balloons and had all the great grandkids let them off! It was a great way to end the service. 

Jordan loves Aunt Amanda!!
Sisters! Not gonna lie that was the hottest I think any of us had ever been in st George but it was definitely worth it! 
Missing Brax here...he was hanging with Uncle Matt so he didn't have a rough time. :) unfortunately right after this picture was taken we had to hop back in the car and get home for Marc to get set apart in his new calling as EQ Pres ;) It was a quick quick trip but worth it to be there for Grandpa and all my family!

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